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Security DoorsSecurity Doors - The security doors page give general advice about home security and specific security advice about security doors with links to other sources of information.

The high security doors page is for those who need extra security against high risk crime, to guard your life or high value goods and describes the standards for high security doors with links to other useful resources.

Security door and screen

Security door and frame

introduction to high security doors

There may be special circumstances in your business or in your home that will demand extra high security. Your doors may require security from not only burglars who are out to steal your valuables, but also those who are intent on doing you harm and injury. In these circumstances, the particular company that you decide to commission, should be asked to consider one or more of the following :

High Security Doors & Screens : Bespoke and tailored to your specific needs

Description: For use where access control is required from one area to another and light is a priority. They can be used with multiple doors and electronic interlocking systems.

Size: Bespoke dimensions
Protection Level: Physical & Ballistic (that means guns)

High Security Doors & Frames: standard SD28/SD57

Description: High security metal door & frame. Can be fitted with a variety of high security locks or locking systems and can be supplied with a door viewer or vision panel. Finished to client requirements.

Size: Standard 2045(h) x 917(w) overall frame; bespoke sizes available
Protection Level: Physical & Ballistic

High Security Doors & Frames: standard SD29/SD48

Description: High security veneered or laminated door & metal frame. Can be fitted with a variety of high security locks/locking systems, or door viewer/vision panel. Finished to client requirements

Size: Standard 2045(h) x 917(w) overall frame, 1981mm (h) x 838mm (w) door
Protection Level: Physical & Ballistic

Veneered security door

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Killby & Gayford - information and advice about high security doors with access to buy online. www.killbygayford.co.uk

Overly Door Company - for when you have some valuables that may require an additional security vault and high security doors. www.overly.com

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