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Secure DoorsSecure Doors - Secure doors links and information for your home or business. Whether you're looking for a storm door or an security door to keep your belongings safe you'll find information here. Entry doors, storm doors, Stanley doors, steel doors and secure doors.

The hurricane doors page offers general advice about securing your home against hurricanes and gives specific advice concerning hurricane doors pointing to other useful resources.

introduction to hurricane doors

get ready for the storm

secure your windows and doors

When a hurricane threatens, your primary concern is for the safety of your family. But your house is important too, and it requires protection even though you may be evacuating the area. The most important step you can take is to make plans and provisions to protect your home long before hurricane season starts. That way, when a storm does threaten, you can concentrate on the safety of your family and know that you have done your best to protect your home.

Secure the doors - general advice on hurricane doors

Steel entry doors provide the best protection for your home. Double doors and French doors are most vulnerable to high winds. No matter what type of door you have, a hurricane panel is your best option to keep damage at a minimum.

You can also nail plywood over your doors to help keep out water and debris. Do not nail yourself inside the house, in case you need to evacuate the area on short notice.

If you have double doors that have no structural member in the center between them, you should purchase and install special hardware to secure the doors where they meet. Bolts that secure the hurricane doors into the framing at both the top and bottom greatly increase the door's strength. Wedge a dowel or a piece of broom handle into the track of sliding glass doors to prevent them from coming loose when the wind howls.

Provide stiffening support for garage hurricane doors. The pressure from wind increases with the door's size, and wide doors in particular need bracing for stability during high winds. Make your own vertical supports by nailing two 2x4s together and attaching them to the inside of your garage door with "L" brackets.

Hurricane shed and garage doors

an example of a huuricane shed door

This type of hurricane dual coiling shed door is designed to accommodate the largest of openings. They are usually built of a 14 gauge steel or stainless steel profile. Hurricane Doors can be constructed up to 75 feet in width and over 100 feet in height.

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