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Stanley DoorsStanley Doors - The Stanley doors page is a feature section about the famous Stanley doors product range including their description and pointers to the Stanley official website and other useful sources of information.

The Stanley steel doors page gives details of the famous Stanley range of steel doors and provides DIY tips on installing and painting Stanley steel doors as well as links to other resources.

an example of a Stanley Steel door

introduction to Stanley Steel Doors

Stanley steel exterior doors range from sleek flush doors to traditional raised or recessed panels. They are available in stock heights of 6ft 8ins, 7ft 0ins and 8ft 0ins, and many widths starting at 24ins and increasing in increments of 2ins. Stanley steel Exterior doors may be unfinished, primed or prefinished and may be glazed or unglazed.

Stanley make three grades of Stanley steel doors, ranging in quality from the Sta-Tru Plus series, to the Builder Series to the Basic Series. Sta-Tru doors are made from heavy, 24 gauge galvanized steel. They include 1.2-inch thick stiles and rails that add structural strength to the door, and 12-inch wood lock block and jamb guard to resist forced entry. The Stanley steel doors Builder Series is a more economical choice, and is available with wood or steel edges. The Basic Series are recommended for side, rear or garage entryways.

All Stanley steel doors can be purchased solid, or with a variety of decorative glass windows that provide a balance of light, privacy and elegance. Matching transoms and side windows are also available. Door styles and windows can be mixed and matched in a wide variety of combinations.

Stanley steel doors also offers the WelcomeWatch system, a way to lock and unlock doors and control security lights using a keyless remote. The optional system is built directly into the door. In case of power failure, you can still get in and out of your home using the key.

Steel DoorsSteel Doors - The steel doors page describes their construction including the insulation process and features the Therma-Tru steel doors system with access to other sources of information.

DIY tips on installing and painting Stanley steel doors

Stanley makes "Sta-Tru U-Install" steel doors specifically for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to replace existing doors.

Just remove the old door, trim and threshold, slip in the new replacement Stanley steel doors and secure it in place. There is no need to remove or replace the existing jamb because the Stanley replacement door fits right into your existing door jamb.

Dark colored paint absorbs more heat than light colored paint when exposed to direct sunlight. The air trapped between a non-ventilated storm door and the entry door can become super-heated, damaging your doors. So if you install a storm door in front of your entry door, make sure it's ventilated, or your warranty could be voided. Also, don't use dark tones of paint on Stanley steel doors because of the risk of heat absorption, which will void your warranty.

For steel doors, do not use paints containing linseed oil, lacquer or alkyd-based solvents. The plastic surrounds on the doors with decorative glass must be painted with latex paint. For fiberglass doors, paint with either latex or oil-base, or stain with jelled-type stains. Linseed oil-based and other liquid stains are acceptable, but more difficult to achieve an appealing finish.

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